If it’s your Birthday today, head down to Starbucks…

Why do you think Starbucks want you to come down to their restaurant if it’s your birthday today ??
Starbucks will give you a treat by offering you a free Starbucks coffee plus other benefits..
Their reasons for doing this are listed below:
1) They want you to think of them as swell guys.
2) They want you to feel special on your special day.
3) They believe it helps with customer loyalty.
4) They want you to sign up for their My Starbucks Rewards Program and be eligible to receive your free coffee.
5) They want you to bring your friends and buy their products.
6) They want you feel wanted and share their culture of being part of their family in bringing revenues to Shareholders of Starbucks.

So, bring your family and loved ones to Starbucks and savour the rich aroma of Coffee Beans near your home.

Best Regards Always!

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