Celebrating Chinese New Year – Monkey God

Don’t expect too much from The Monkey God this year. Being a fiery and turbulent animal, this year seems too good to certain people in terms of career and love life. As for me, I will turn 60 and do not expect the weather to be bright all the time. My prediction for this year to remain calm amidst all the pompous business start ups and marketing efforts of tedious traders. Not only there will be millionaires sprouting out, there are going to be more lucky winners from Jackpots or Toto alike.

My interests are not reading statistics or analysing data about how to make money in the shortest time. Although there are literatures easily available on these subjects, I feel and still think we should focus on The Internet of Things and dwell on how we can help each other understand the intricacies of formulating a business plan so as to capture the right market and developing your product. This not only calls for looking for the right team but also as working partners.

This year is perfect for establishing contacts and working towards a more congenial business relationship. I have chosen a few of my close relatives to further expand my business overseas. I target middle of this year to be another strong season where oil prices will move up in tandem with other precious metals. I recommend would be investors to join the gold fever again, as the Dollar continues to slacken in the months to come.

Do take good care of your health. Rest more as more of us can expect to work harder …Do not gamble or take risks unnecessarily. Check with the right person and always listen to your heart. Do what’s right and pray for all your needs. God will priorities your needs and answer them in the most unexpected ways. Let this year be the year of rich blessings for everyone who believes it can work for you.

Best Regards Always!!

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