How to Be Influencial From Twittering

Setting up Twitter accounts for the past 2 years or more had been a fanatic experience for me. To date my Klout score is hovering at 60 and I don’t expect to see any significant jump in my score. Nevertheless I am still trying my best to set achievable goals.

Based on my daily Retweets I am able to get about 30 followers a day. I tweet on general topics and share on my other accounts. I then go and favourite my Retweets so as to increase my number of followers over at my other accounts. In doing so you get the same follower on these accounts liking your tweets. Klout score increase in tandem with your increase in followers thus making you more influential in that sense.

My only limitation is when I over Retweet and exceeded my daily usage. Twitter allows only a certain amount of Tweets per day per account. Once satisfied with my daily routine of Retweets, I will check on my Klout score to see if I had done better compared to yesterday’s score. If no change in score, I will try to engage my followers to direct message me. By doing so, your Klout score will go up as your follower is influenced by your conversation.

Hope through Influencing and having a high score can help you sell your products and services faster. Unto Thee I Grant…


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