Wow, Thanks Mr Scott and Friends for nominating me as one of The Featured Members this Month. Connecting and Relating with Everyone is Vital

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How to Build a Better Community using These Principles

  1. Provide live commentary and recording of Video Office hour.
  2. Stay connected with Members who participated in The Forum.
  3. Participate in an active manner so as to increase interaction amongst Members.
  4. Answer and Reply to Queries.
  5. Find new Friends to widen Contact List.
  6. Reach out to Experts and Identify People of Influence.
  7. Set up Meetings to learn skills.
  8. Do research and find References for new products or services.
  9. Read tips that help you gain skills such as communication tips.
  10. Know exactly where Everything is.

These are the reasons as to how I can help to reach out to my potential customers wanting to improve themselves digitally. Through this Platform and Joining this Group of MasterMinds, I have every reason to prove to them that I am with the right group of people, having the same mindset and sharing the same dream and goals.

Getting myself Featured every Month is what distinguishes me from the others. It is a Success Dream that came True for Me, and is also a Living Testimony from Mr Scott Fox, our Honourable Founder and Elite Author.

These Principles are Here for Us to Utilize fully, and definitely for Us to Tap on Further.

Best Regards Always !!
Paul Loh Poh Onn

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