Doing Business in Philippines and Singapore : Which is Better ??

I have been a veteran and travelling to neighbouring countries servicing my customers. What I found interesting is Philippines offer a congenial and rich culture which is distinct from the other Asian countries. The hustle and bustle of identifying market traders persist for generations and will become hotter as tourists flock to these major cities. Iloilo and Manila are poised to turn into major capital cities, overtaking Singapore as I compare though not on equal trade marks.

From my observation and studies conducted most businessmen would rather go to Philippines to invest. But why not Singapore. I think Philippines in the long run can provide the varied opportunities of marketing and trade unique to improving their lives of the Filipinos. Singaporeans do not display a firm ground in identifying a rich natural resources call HR. The defects are obvious and prevalent in every company. CEOs do not bother as they can switch to cheaper talent offered by foreign workers. Both the Singapore Government and Top Executives partner to bring up the image of a sting and industrious work force. Nevertheless, as much as I would like to invest in the Philippines, Singapore still offer a better choice. I was born and raised under the good care of the Government who laid strong foundations for all citizens. I know of no better country where my assets are well protected and even retirement is secured.

At this point in time, Philippines though undergoing not only political changes, Filipinos are a gifted lot as they are different as compared to Singaporeans. We are made to be equal and in order to stand out from the crowd, we need to find our niche. We work together as one and progress along with the Government. There are opportunities to tap if given the right guidelines and guidance from mentors. Therefore there is no fear even if we fail in one way or another. The way to go is to press on.

For me to succeed in Philippines is tantamount to building a second career. The thoughts of giving up weigh much more than doing business in Singapore. I craft a career only I see best. The time has come for me to reflect what’s best and how best and far I can reach my goal.

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