Customer First Mindset

  • Putting the needs of service partners or customer first.
  • Ensuring others’ needs are appropriately met.
  • Going out of one’s way (to the point of being inconvenienced) to ensure satisfaction.

Positive Outlook

  • Demonstrating enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude.
  • Taking setbacks in stride.

Professional Acumen

  • Striving to be as knowledgeable as possible about job related issues in order to provide quality service.
  • Knowing who to contact (and being willing to contact them) if lacking knowledge, in order to get necessary information.

People Orientation

  • Taking the initiative in establishing rapport.
  • Demonstrating a personal interest in others by making eye contact, smiling, calling them by name, etc.
  • Striving to make the customer or service partner feel comfortable.


  • Resolving or avoiding problems by suggesting alternatives and/or bending the rules when appropriate.

Personalised Responsiveness

  • Striving to understand the customer’s preferences and expectations.
  • Taking into account the customer’s situation when providing information or solution.

Basic Respect

  • Showing common courtesy to every one, regardless of appearance or other personal characteristics.
  • Avoiding embarrassing others and respecting their need for time and personal space.


  • Taking time to do the job right.
  • Demonstrating dependability.
  • Doing what is best than what is easiest.